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Von.P Designs are Visual Communication and Branding Specialists


Hi, my name is Chantelle von Plato, and I’m the owner of Von.P Designs. I became a designer because of an absolute love I had for the visual way in which we communicate with one another. Coupled with my love for the written word, and art in general, I have always loved the creative world.

I’ve studied Photography, Copywriting and DTP. I have my BA (Hons) in Graphic Design with Marketing and still enjoy doing online courses to keep up to date with an evolving market. I’m currently learning about UX Design.

I travel as often as I can and live between Europe and South Africa. I find being able to experience the different aspects of cultures and countries on a regular basis allows me to broaden my design knowledge and interpretation thereof.

With that being said; I would like to welcome you to Von.P Designs. I hope we will be able to assist your business in the near future.


VON.P DESIGNS has a range of individuals and companies we team-up with, in order to make sure we can offer a complete design, print and digital solution.