An honest letter for Entrepreneurs

The challenges The big challenges usually come in the form of mental and emotional challenges. This is the part that sucks! There will be days when you wake up, feel you are at your lowest, with not a bone in your body encouraging you to get up and carry on. Your life will feel [...]

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Time management and the Creative

Writing this article is my second task to date that I will have successfully completed, due to list making and schedule keeping. Now before you make the same mistake I did, of thinking that it is as easy as purchasing a diary and jotting down your task next to a few pre-selected times, let [...]

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Wrestling with creativity!

So, I decided to have a look into this phenomenon of disappearing creativity and found I most certainly am not alone. There are so many self-help, free your creativity books and blogs out there, I thought I would have a look into what I found to be some of the most helpful and listed [...]

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The importance of defining a brand

By defining/building your brand you are creating a persona that you take to market. By being able to visualise the brands persona you begin to build an understanding of what your brand is about; who they would talk to, what they would believe in, the circles they would want to move in and the [...]

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